Monday, June 13, 2011

We Know A Place...

My MP3 player was out of action for a while and just got it back up and running today, so I've spent the afternoon rediscovering songs I haven't been able to listen to in a while (I don't have my music backed up - how dumb is that? I will rectify it though). Some highlights so far...

Was listening to the Arcade Fire EP and came across this. I'd forgotten what a gem of a song it is. I tend to not listen to Neon Bible as much as the other albums so I'd forgotten about this song somewhat.

A Red House Painter track from their last album 'Old Ramon'. A sleepy, summer afternoon kind of song.

And finally 'So Close' by Six by Seven, taken from their album 'The Way I Feel Today'. I can only listen to this song every few months or so, it has a ridiculous effect on me that I can't explain. Lots of memories. One of those songs.

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