Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Whatever You Love, You Are...

I'm working on a couple of proper-written-words posts at the moment, but while I'm working on those, music videos will have to fill the gap.

Still obsessively going through all the lost gems on my Zen and here are some highlights! *cue drumroll*

A rather trippy video for a live version of Akron/Family's 'Running, Returning'...

'I Really Should've Gone Out Last Night' by Dirty Three from the wonderfully titled album "Whatever You Love, You Are." This is ridiculously gorgeous tune. If you can listen to that track without feeling like your heart might just might burst because it aches so much from the bruising beauty of it all, well then...you're just dead on the inside. I can't stress how much I love this band - Warren Ellis is a genius.

A little bit more peppy - 'It'5' by Architecture in Helsinki. This was my ringtone for a while - not one of my better ideas. I was in the Early Learning Centre store one day when my mum rang me. Not the best place to be when you have the words 'stranger danger' blaring from your phone...

The video does make me super happy though.

A bit more contemplative again (and less dodgy in children's stores), this is 'End of Music' by Do Make Say Think...

'Spring and by Summer Fall' by Blonde Redhead from one of my favourite albums "23" - lots of great songs to choose from there. 

To end with a bang, this is HEALTH's 'Triceratops' from "You Will Love Each Other." This band will be one of the major highlights of Electric Picnic '11. People will die. 


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