Thursday, July 14, 2011

Oliver And The New Age Mystic...

"A British comedy about a boy desperate to lose his virginity and stop his mother running off with a new age mystic."

Seriously, do you need more to entice you to watch 'Submarine'? It has a new age mystic!

I saw it a few months ago at the IFI  and totally and utterly fell in love with it. The line above pretty much sums up the plot but there's much to love in this film. The script is hilarious and moving, it looks beautiful and the acting is wonderful. Craig Roberts is just brilliant as the main character Oliver Tate, who has a rather grand impression of himself. Sally Hawkins and Noah Taylor are perfectly cast as his parents (Taylor is particularly hilarious when he's trying to give Oliver 'fatherly' advice) and Paddy Considine is hilarious as the new age mystic who threatens to seduce Oliver's mother away from her family. Yasmin Paige is very good as Jordana, the rather stand-offish girl Oliver falls for, and the soundtrack is amazing......I'll stop now. Just watch this film if you haven't already. If you have seen it, go watch it again.


  1. I agree Jenny, a wonderful film. I nearly choked with the guffaw when Oliver's mother told him what happened in the back of the van; I wasn't expecting that! For a little more Considine magic, keep an eye out for 'Dead Man's Shoes'.

  2. Oh my God, that moment is hilarious! Love that film so much. I haven't seen 'Dead Man's Shoes' - love Paddy Considine so I'll definitely check that out! Thanks for the tip!